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July 2015

We had an absolutely wonderful and unforgettable family vacation on Pas de Deux, and it was made possible by Tony and Kate. They were delightful all the way, respectful of our privacy, yet very friendly and easygoing. We are still working hard to get back in shape after almost a week of Kate's unbelievably good cooking! The food was excellent and Kate catered to the preferences of each of our kids. They both made each meal special with not only the food, but also the decorations. We visited fabulous places in the BVI and had lots of fun with our children. They enjoyed having access to wi-fi during down times as well. We hope to do something like this again in the future, and would be happy to serve as a reference for future customers.

July 2015

I would consider my group to be rather "particular", with high expectations.

Collectively, it was impossible to find anything to complain about. I could not think of not on negative comment.

A remarkable crew and a fantastic week.

Thanks for your efficiency as well

Scott & Family

June 2015

We just returned from a truly exceptional week in the BVIs ….. our second trip on the Pas De Deux was wonderful ! We rarely if ever have gone back to a vacation spot so soon as we are always skeptical we will like it as much as the first time….. We were wrong!

The beaches, weather, and natural beauty of the islands all contributed to our exceptional vacation experience. The icing on the cake were our exceptional hosts, Tony and Kate. They were everything and more we could have hoped for. They made us instantly comfortable upon our arrival and it got better and better as the week progressed. Their intimate knowledge of the entire BVIs , love of sailing, warmth, genuine caring of our needs and desires, easy going nature, sense of humor and where do I start about our love of Kate’s cooking…..OMG! My wife and I and our adult children were all overwhelmed with the scrumptious meals she prepared throughout the week. Breakfasts, lunch, dinners and appetizers were all carefully and wonderfully prepared and served to us each and every day. Tony’s cocktail of the day also was a nice touch. Tony’s desire to share so many of the islands with us really allowed us to experience so much more than we had in the past.

Both Tony and Kate helped create memories that will last a lifetime !

Thank you very much.

New Year 2014/2015

Tandem with Miss Kirsty

Our week in the BVI was simply spectacular. Spent a great deal of time enjoying the water – snorkeling, tubing, kayaking, and Scuba diving. Plenty of wind allow us to enjoy sailing between the islands. Fantastic crew and unbelievable food!

As we were boarding, one of the other crews told us we had the best chef in the BVI. Our experience would validate that comment. Every meal exceeded our expectations and then the next meal was even better. Tony combined excellent sailing ability, introducing us to some thrilling rides, and balanced the needs of the adults with plenty of time playing with the kids. Could not have had a better crew.

Kate is an astonishing chef. More importantly, she catered to the specific needs of the party, creating adaptive meals for the kids, when she was cooking something they might not like. For example, on the day we had tuna tacos, she made a smaller portion of chicken filling for Eli, our grandson who would not eat fish.

The yacht was in great shape – extremely comfortable, well maintained etc. The only complaint we had during the week was that only the master cabin had a separate shower. This was in contrast with Miss Kirsty which had separate showers in all cabins. Best thing about the yacht was Tony and Kate – felt like family by the end of the week. Loved the way Kate connected with our baby Solomon and the energy that Tony brought to the Pirate party that boarded Miss Kirsty. Tony was extremely adaptable. Recognized fairly quickly that our group was enjoying water play rather than extensive sailing and adjusted to give us lots of play time. Orchestrated a dinner at Saba Rock at our request, gave us a quiet new years eve and then supported a very late night for those watching football on New Years Day.

What was your first impression of the yacht? = Just like we expected, very nice in ever way.

Christmas 2014

Tony and Kate were truly the perfect hosts: friendly, helpful, professional, skilled, always with a great attitude and fun story. Made us feel comfortable and at ease.

The meals were way beyond what we expected. We expected great food, and got perfectly prepared and served excellent meals. The chef goes out of her way to keep up with the latest food trends, and keeps everything fresh and exciting. The Captain was brilliant with his cocktail and wine choices. Each of our special requests was met or exceeded. Our anniversary was made so special by the meal and dessert, and Christmas Eve couldn't have been more fun, with very tasteful games and decorations.

March 2010

“A piece of Heaven on Earth.”

From the moment Kate and Tony greeted us at the Airport we knew it was going to be an amazing and memorable experience. Kate and Tony do everything to make sure your stay is unforgettable. Kate is a superb gourmet chef and her delectable meals (and desserts) were absolutely amazing. As a family traveling with 4 children- from toddler to teen-every one of us was thrilled with her delicious creations! Tony took us on an unforgettable boat trip where we got to see every amazing sight, plus many only the locals would know of. They also directed us to many local activities and attractions we never would have known of.

Vincent, Long Island, New York

October 2010

“Simply The Best”

Tony & Kate are two of the most delightful, fun and sincere people that you will ever meet. From the personal greeting at the airport to our return drop off there was simply not a minute that you would want for anything. If you did, Tony or Kate immediately took care of it!

Kate's cooking and Tony's cocktails (Pain Killers and fresh fruit coladas) awesome,

Simply The Best trip we have taken to any of the islands in 20 years! Courtney, Virginia

July 2010

“Over the Top!”

Tony and Kate are the best hosts and feel like family by the time you leave. Our most enjoyable times were in the boat island hopping with Tony and Kate. We were concerned the teenagers (ages 17 to 19) would get bored in Tortola but it was the opposite. They loved it and can't wait to return. It was really the most incredible vacation ever and Kate's cooking was wonderful. It was very sad to leave and we cannot wait for a return trip.

Tammy, Texas

May 2009

“A terrific visit with wonderful and lasting memories of the BVI”

Tony and Kate were superlative hosts:

  • Gracious … from first impression to last.
  • Knowledgeable
  • Always accessible … never intrusive.
  • It was evident that her culinary skills as a Chef, certainly would rival any of the “Top” or “Iron” Chefs. From her freshly baked breads and succulent baby back ribs to the ultimate chocolate dessert. All amiably served by Tony … talk about feeling truly pampered.

Day, Nevada

June 2007

We have been to Tortola a total of 7 times now and this was by far the most fun we've had on the islands. Tony and Kate were a real joy and our kids had the time of their lives. Our favourite beach on the trip was White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, and the bar there is fantastic! I lost my front tooth digging in to one of Kate's juicy hamburgers so I felt like a true pirate in the Caribbean. We will be back.

The Shannons, Santa Barbara, CA

May 2007

Dear Tony and Kate,

We could make this a very long letter and thank you in detail for all the many services you have provided this week - for example - awesome meals, babysitting, wake-up music, shuttle services, training TBL to pick up after himself but, most importantly, we want to thank you for creating a relaxing vacation. This has been the most stress-free vacations we've ever had!!! TGL and Sarah-Lee

April 2007

What a week! And only one broken promise - it never rained. It's impossible to imagine how the fun, friendliness and relaxation could have been surpassed.

Keep in touch, because we're coming back.

Best wishes, the Hintons, UK

July 2001

Thank you for an awesome voyage! I enjoyed it sooooo much. This trip will stay in my memories for so long.... forever. You guys were so nice and satisfied my family and it's every need. Tony, you were a great captain and Kate you were an awesome cook and like I said before, they should have a saying that these cruises consist of "fine dining and occasional snorkeling!" Thanks so much, you all were great!

Billy Anderson

February 2010

“Complete Luxurious Paradise!”

Kate and Tony, are on top of every detail and are quick to take care of any request or question. You will have the most amazing culinary experiences - certainly rivaling any restaurant in the Carribean.

J Hace, New York

Feb 2007

Dear Kate and Tony, as a famous poet once said, "how do we love this trip, let us count the ways" (maybe not exactly this way - here is our version)

  1. Spending 5 days with two most fantastic people, interesting, loving, caring, hospitable, warm and welcoming.
  2. Having 2 world class sailors to safely take us on a most wonderful tour of the BVI
  3. Cuisine. It doesn't get better than this. Every meal was so delicious, presented so beautifully and in a setting so magnificent.
  4. Sharing your knowledge of the BVI and your most wonderful exploits around the world
  5. The 'Cynful'. We never knew a catamaran trip would be so much fun.
  6. Relaxing relaxing, relaxing. Just what we both needed. There aren't enough ways to say thank you for all you both have done for and with us. This will always be one of the most memorable moments in our lives to be remembered and shared for a long time to come. They say all good things must end (because we're running out of fruit!) , so keep in touch and hopefully we'll see each other soon.

Love the Goldmans, NJ

May 2001

We thought last year couldn't have been topped! But we were wrong! Many many thanks for a fantastic holiday once again. More chilled, but still packed with amazing memories (and some on video!) Just what the doctor ordered - we'll have to see if we can get the next trip on prescription! Certainly a twice in a life time trip. We had a simply Shagadelic time - Yeah Baby! The Stewarts - International Family of Mystery

May 2001

We couldn't have had a more attentive and professional crew. The best cook and captain. We enjoyed every minute. It was like another couple of good friends on the trip! Keep in touch and come visit us on your US tour! The Youngs, Colorado Springs, CO

May 2001

Dear Kate and Tony,

Thank you so much for taking such great care of us! It has been a truly wonderful week, in spite of our disappointment when our friends had to cancel. Kate, your cooking is marvelous, and I can't wait to try your recipes! Thanks to both of you for all your suggestions for activities - all the beautiful beaches and awesome snorkeling - I'll never forget it.

We especially enjoyed the opportunity to see Reuben play and the night at Ivan's was memorable. Great fun! But the best part was getting to know you both and enjoying food, drink and lively discussions, watching videos and singing (tooting) back-up to Aretha! We'll miss you both - please keep in touch!

The Bauers

March 2001

Dear Kate and Tony,

Thank you so very much for such a memorable week - one that we will treasure. You are both real professionals but also wonderful new friends. We had a great time. Kate, we will carry that delicious food with us for many week going forward I'm sure! Tony, you are a great captain (we would follow you anywhere!) and both of you are great teachers! Hope we will be seeing you in New Jersey in the future. Have a fun time in Cuba!

The Branins, Rumson, NJ

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